Sunday, May 12, 2013

Everywhering 4

Review in BOOMKAT
August post-punk survivor Gordon Sharp aka Cindytalk returns with A Life Is Everywhere, surely his most volatile, lyrical and consuming work since his creative re-birth on Editions Mego a couple years back; here he gravitates away from the dawn-treading digital ambience of his recent sides and towards a noisier, more expansive destination, whilst also exploring some of the most beautiful, accessible harmonic themes of his entire career. 'On A Pure Plane' is the purest, plainest example of this fusion: it collages elegiac string pads with curdled, corrosive power electronics, staking out a middle ground between GAS's Zauberberg and Kevin Drumm's Sheer Hellish Miasmah, while 'Time To Fall''s trebly, ecstatic Vibracathedral-esque drone raga is slowly peeled back to reveal a glassy supporting structure of angelic choral sounds. 'My Drift Is A Ghost' lays the distortion on even thicker, this time buttressing it with murky, mortar-fire industrial percussion reminiscent of Alberich or Vatican Shadow; 'Interruptum''s elegant, light-refracting electronics are equal parts sacred music and INA-GRM; and 'As If We Had Once Been' is in-the-red but deftly turned, dub-conscious minimal synth, its heart-rending melody calling to mind Sand Circles' heatsick city visions - proper Terminator blues. These pieces are intricately constructed mechanisms, not let-it-all-hang-out improvisations; even at their most brutal, they have a balance and elegance to them that's proof of a master at work.

Photo by Spaewaif

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