Saturday, June 24, 2006

"From the romance of destruction to the devastation of near silence"

"Cindytalk is me",quips Scotsman Gordon Sharp,"plus a cast of thousands".
Including John Burn and Alex Wright,who-with Gordon-form the nucleus of the current Cindytalk incarnation on the "In This World" albums.
Yes-albums:two distinct and distinctively-packaged vinyl LPs of the same name.Confused? you will be (and why not?).
Gordon's previous work has included collaborations with the Cocteau Twins
("They came from the same area of Scotland as me and I've known them for quite a few years",he explains,"and did a Peel session with them"),and the first of 4AD's This Mortal Coil projects,
as well as Cindytalk's previous Camouflage Heart album".
Gordon ascribes the delay between Cindytalk releases to "exhaustion.
Basically,I wanted to collect ideas,throw them into a pile and listen-out for new things.
Finding new people to work with can be painful,so I chose to wait for a purpose to do something else,rather than just supply follow-up product".
Rest,recuperation and rethinking led Gordon to consider as an eventual follow-up an album of piano music."But then I decided to do a one-off single,exploring one noisy idea.
At the same time,I was recording something for a Midnight Music compilation,which I thought ended up too good to lose and wanted to add to the single,which was rapidly becoming a mini-LP.
Things were changing shape and form and almost getting out of control.So that's why there are two albums with the same title,as the material grew up together".
But,Gordon,why not then release a double-album?
"That would have been too conceptual.
This way,each record has a similar,but separate,identity.It's not contrived or meant as a ploy,it just happened.Though I like it being playful and mischievous.
That it might be confusing is a pleasing notion to me".
A confusion resolved on the CD release,which contains all the material on the albums.
"I don't know.I like to start afresh each time,it's a process of rebirth with each project".

(From "The Catalogue" Issue 57 March 1988)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Eternity Chaos

Bambule Commando DJ mix featuring snippets from the film
Julien Donkey Boy

Art by Hans Bellmer

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Waiting for the madrigal

The film Madrigal with music by Cindytalk was first screened yesterday in London.

The press pack,downloadable from the Rabblewise Films website,states:

"Cindytalk's original score "The Crackle of My Soul" facilitates our move into interior worlds.Its found sound aesthetic creates song literally from static and mirrors the snatched beauty of the film.As static it melds with the soundscape of the city".