Thursday, June 22, 2006

Eternity Chaos

Bambule Commando DJ mix featuring snippets from the film
Julien Donkey Boy

Art by Hans Bellmer


boojum hunter said...

Nice to see you like Harmony Korine !
I sometimes wonder how "true" he really is but ultimately I find his films fascinating (including Kids that is more Korine's film than Clark's IMO).

PS : and I obviously loved seeing Linda Manz in Gummo...

truth be told... said...

i don't actually like harmony korine.he's a film maker i don't particularly trust.this was better than gummo.i do like ewan bremner though!i feel slightly uncomfortable having used this...the sound clips were lying around when i did this spontaneous mix...we all make mistakes.

mauvais sang said...

ah sorry to bring that up then ! ;-)

See that's what I meant by "I wonder how true he is".
Korine's 'tricks' are just too obvious. Yet if I'm honest, for some reason, his films still work with me. So I guess I like what he does but I don't trust him either.
(I have the very same reserve regarding post-Blue Velvet Lynch).

Julien Donkey Boy over Gummo though ? hmmm, that dogma thing sounds like too much hype for me, so I like Gummo better (plus Escoffier's photography is to cherish).

thinking at the end of the sky said...

We all make mistakes though more than likely you were just using them because of the film enjoying some hype with American soundsystem crews at the time,am I wrong?

squinty look said...

of course you are wrong.which "american" soundsystem crews are we talking about here?

circular said...

still waiting to hear about those ficticious "american" soundsystems... come on!?