Thursday, June 29, 2006

"The static,to connect"

Trailer for the film Madrigal.


Plastic Orcadian said...

In reference to previous comments (see "waiting for Madrigal") I got an email last week from Rabblewise confirming plans for a director's cut DVD release in the (near I think) future.

The trailer clip suggests a wonderful marriage of movie and soundtrack has been achieved.

spaewaif said...

Plastic Orcadian!
We missed you!
I like the way this particular image of the film relates to the previous from ITW.
First,I tried to single it out from the clip (Ha! As is I was savvy enough!) and then was very pleased when I saw it was one of three chosen for the film's gallery you can see in the link.
In the past days,Cinder has been inviting more sounds for use in the soundtrack.