Sunday, July 23, 2006

Loops and Sada Abe


i was dreaming of decay
dreaming of atrophy
mythical goddess of disintegration
of her earthly manifestation
sada abe -
in the realm of the senses
lulled by the most erotic image
ever seen
Sada Abe
hair cascading down her face
knife clenched between her teeth
seconds before she cuts the dick
off her dead lover
for days she carried around
her treasured keepsake
deep deep inside
for days she wandered
beyond passion
beyond pain
beyond passion
beyond pain
beyond passion
beyond pain.


(Yukata girl by Lisa Onomoto,
author as well of the beautiful drawing
on the Transgender Warrior cover).


spaewaif said...

Very often,I find myself incapable of entering .org until this beautiful combination of "Mo-iikkai" and "Sada Abe" is over.
The same thing happened with the loop in the old .org which I can leave on for quite a long time while I am online doing other stuff.
Sada Abe is a legendary figure in Japan for a myriad of reasons but I couldn't help including a link with two photos:
just after her arrest and years later posing for the camera with Tatsumi Hijikata,
founder of "Ankoku Butoh" or "the dance of darkness".

flutter said...

ahhhh,see... you truly are a part of cindytalk.arigato gozaimasu.