Saturday, August 19, 2006

"The path of cindytalk is always a difficult one..."

This E.P. "was sent up as a flair during the recording of Wappinschaw to remind people we were still around and active and the tracks are mainly from that body of work".
"At this point the band had become more of a collective,drawing on musicians from the current line-up as well as the past,John Byrne returned and was joined by Kevin Rich and Daryl Moore (Soul Static Sound)".

Review on Fist Five (1992) by Dean Fist:
"On a different level is the sheer atmosphere of the vastly neglected CINDYTALK with their "SECRETS AND FALLING", MIDNIGHT MUSIC DONG 76 12inch. Far from bludgeoning the senses, this EP dips and soars seeped with atmosphere. There is nothing out of place on this record. The only fault I can find is that there isn't more of it. The emotion of the voice blends into the instrumentation without precendents. Dripping with a Romantic sadness it's a shame that more people don't take more notice".

Cover and sample snippets weaved into the songs from the Victor Erice film "The Spirit of the Beehive"

One of the tracks,"The Moon Above Me", has been added to the player.


spaewaif said...

I was actually telling cinder yesterday that recently I have come across that particular image many times as representative of the whole film and even as an icon of Spanish cinema.
Apparently,when the cover for "Secrets and Falling" was done,cinder sat in a video edit suite and watched the film through with an editor and chose the image which he thought best represented the film and the record.
It was a picture grabbed from the screen,which is why the image was slightly fuzzy.
They also faded the top half of the image a bit so they could write the details up there without too much interference.
Cinder had never come across any actual photographs of that scene and of course it was before access to the internet was as widespread as it is today.
Also,a Japanese site for fans of Ana mentions the Cindytalk cover and the fact that sound samples from the film are included.

vamos said...

spirit of the beehive is a quiet masterpiece.and i still like that cover too.i saw that particular image as a thing of joy and wonder and was utterly gobsmacked when several people (not people i knew very well) mentioned how macabre and gloomy it was!!!! they had assumed,very wrongly,that the two children were about to commit suicide on the railway line.i think i was even chastised for being so "dark" a nipper i used to sit on the wall next to the railway station in linlithgow and watch the trains going by,it was a wonder to me... leaving,going on a journey,an adventure,out into the unknown... the two sisters here in the picture are listening for the train coming and that in itself was an adventure for them.those negative comments spoke more of what was inside the hearts of those people than it did of Secrets And Falling and that particular image.

a touch of scarlet said...

Indeed it is an image that would suggest a journey of initiation,curiosity,adventure and learning,enhanced by the joy of sharing it with somebody as close as a sister.
But we live in a world where poetry is misunderstood.
A few months ago,somebody was selling this on eBay saying something like "a great record with an inappropriate cover",referring to the girls on the track.

manmade mountainous monstrosities said...

The EP came out many years before the album, how much of Wappinschaw had actually already materialized?

I do like the 'fuzzyness' and the green tones of the cover.

Plastic Orcadian said...

The world would be a worse place for artists if we all read between the lines and saw the hidden layers and looked at pictures and music from hidden angles. I have no qualms about saying I was one who found the cover disturbing rather than joyous. 99% of us live in a linear world 99% of the time and only see the 'angle' occasionally but theres nothing wrong with that and maybe we get greater joy and a sense of pride on the rare occasions we 'get it'. Sadly this time I didn't 'get it'.

reaktor said...

hmmm... artists definately play with layers of possibility and's part of the fun of creating,hopefully taking people to places they don't expect to most cases you don't flinch at the reactions you get,you can control the experiment but not the reaction,as it were.normally i wouldn't concern myself too much with that but in the instance of the artwork for "secrets and falling",i couldn't understand how an obvious thing of joy for me could be so wrongly construed as macabre by offence meant to you,PO,i had no idea you saw it that way.

cndr said...

that specific clip from "the spirit of the beehive",what a wonderful addition to "ghosts..." muchos gracias.