Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Your train-stations are my radio waves..."

touchedRADIO channel list is as follows :

tR 1 : touchedRAWKISSEDsour,a cindytalk compilation (1982-1994).

t/list : muster.cherish.everybody is christ.memories of skin and of a sun.the beginning of wisdom.angels or ghosts.a song of changes.prince of sunshine.wheesht.still whisper.

tR 2 : FieryPlanetEyes,the dj mix of the "lost" cindytalk album (1996-2001).

t/list: vertical invasion.stars collide.architect/ devastation of the heart.this is who we are.rhizome.could that dream be last request.
gabber-isolate.can i be your sister.a flame that flies.rhizome.sada is the aim.dead flower or living.

tR 3 : The Freeze Live (1980/1981).

t/list : intro.angel code.building on holes.from the bizarre.
a tower in the distance.this is no surprise.quietly burning.location.
lullaby in black.sunday.

tR 4 : After The Fireflies,a cindytalk dj mix.various artists (2005/2006).

t/list includes : field recording.gagaku (ancient japanese court music).cindytalk.autechre.edward artemyev.somatic responses(renegade hybrid rmx).fenno'berg.asmus tietchens.pita.
plastikman.oval.wasteland(renegade hybrid rmx).public image ltd.cindytalk.ryoji ikeda. main.if then do.ryoji ikeda.japanese folk voices.cindytalk.otomo yoshihide.
wasteland vs aphex twin (renegade hybrid).einsturzende neubauten.cindytalk. ryoji ikeda.robert wyatt.

tR 5 : Up Here In The Clouds,a collection of recent cindytalk sketches/ideas (2003/2006).

t/list : surrounded by sky.shibuku.a distant kite.splendid china miniature scenic spot.i walk until i fall.transgender warrior (mistmix).multiple landings.switched to lunar.the anarchist symphony no.3.

tR 6 : Dj Fatal grime/dubstep mix from 2003 on deja vu fm,london pirate radio.

(Unfortunately,touchedradio is NO LONGER available.
We are currently working on other audio options).


jason sloan said...

this blog is brilliant!!

thanks for the work in putting it together.

the new tracks are amazing also! anyword on when the new record is due?


spaewaif said...

Hello, Jason!
Thank you for visiting.
The new record is still in progress.
Maybe cinder can tell us later how it is progressing ...

The continental colours glamour glide said...

A true archivist' post :P. Arigato Archivist-chan!!

spaewaif said...

It seems track 6 with DJ Fatal has disappeared...

cndr said...

I just check channel 6 at touchedRADIO and the Fatal mix is definately still there.wonder why you can't hear it?

spaewaif said...

Well,I can't access it!!!
Track 6?
If I go here
I get a "Page not found" msg...

An innocent bystander was witness to the fact said...


spaewaif said...

Thank you,document and eyewitness...

zzzzzzz said...

sorry mr wire lyrics but don't you have the wrong website?

in other words said...

sling yer hook!!!

Swing high, swing low said...

That which I'm with and that which I love
And that which I love is that which I'm with

That which I love and that which I'm with
And that which I'm with is that which I love

Shiffi Le Soy said...

Angree/edgee/gentle/insane beautee of a velvet abyss provided weirdlee atmospheric accompaniment to rainee Kyoto afternoon.

Random Info said...

touchedRADIO has 6 channels but the webpages are numbered 0 to 5 because the script which runs enabling a random channel on entering the site has to start with the number 0. Thought you'd like to know that.

spaewaif said...

Very glad you enjoyed touchedRADIO.
Some beautiful concepts there regarding the music.

Random Info,cheers for the math,
I understand clearly now...hmm...I hope!