Tuesday, October 09, 2007


News from Bluesanct Records:
"CINDYTALK - Silver Shoals of Light art 10" (INRI084).
The third in our series of art vinyl, ltd to 500 copies w/ screenprinted vinyl and letter-pressed sleeve. Cindytalk are one of the utmost important artists in the experimental community, and since the early 80's have produced some of my favourite albums of all time.I am VERY excited to be issuing this brand new Cindytalk track..."

Their website catalogue news indicates this as well:
"CINDYTALK - Silver Shoals of Light 10" (INRI084)
A gorgeous 10" single, w/ screenprinted vinyl and letter-pressed sleeve".


Cinder at Buffalo Bar,August 2003
Photo by shrill


spaewaif said...

This will certainly be a very very special release!

spaewaif said...

Just adding some information cinder gave a while ago:
"Silver Shoals of Light" was just me fnaffing about with some sounds Matt Kinnison sent me.Adding my own bits and bobs including a disused fragment of voice from the Orkney Sessions.I s/mashed up Matt's sound and tweaked it all to create a mournful drowning song...".

Poison Creeper said...

thanks for the msg. ;)
I had just linked my blog page to yours ;)


Book Him Danno said...

Buffalo Bar date?

spaewaif said...

Scrolling down,you go here:
Careless Talk Costs Lives @Buffalo Bar,London