Friday, May 21, 2010

"How This Ends..."

Cinder has contributed electronic noises to good friend Chris Connelly's new album "How This Ends".

Release Date:13 July 2010
Label:Lens Records

How This Ends is the 12th solo album by Chris Connelly, and it is certainly the most extreme. Picking up from where 2008's Forgiveness & Exile tailed off. In some ways, this is an extension of that, where Chris uses an ensemble cast of musicians, orators and non-musicians to produce something that vacillates between an almost serenely melancholic paradise, and a terrifying hellish vortex of noise. There are no songs on How This Ends - rather one long poem that is both spoken and sung by Chris and his collaborators.

"I wanted to compose without any regard to the song-form. I enjoy writing songs, but I've done it, and I want to try and move forward. To me, my work now is all about the words, and coming up with the best sounds to augment these words. It doesn't have to be a musical instrument. I have in my mind a very clear image, almost like an impressionistic film of what it should be like. The hard part is making sure that nothing is wasted, that every word can carry it's own weight, and that the people I have asked to help are the right people".

And the subject matter is no less grave than Forgiveness & Exile. Forgiveness (sic) was about torture and people being displaced from their homes in trying to escape fascism. How This Ends is about death, genocide, homicide by corrupt powers upon innocents. It's about the people who didn't make it, the ones who either tried, or were taken by surprise.

The ensemble cast is perhaps the most diverse Chris has assembled:
Izi Coonagh (Sugar Bullet)
Tania Bowers (Via Tania)
James Marlon Magas (Magas, Lake of Dracula)
Gordon Sharp (Cindytalk)
Zak Boerger (These Wonderful Evils)
Bill Rieflin (R.E.M., Ministry, Swans)
Brent Gutzeit (TV Pow)
Sanford Parker (Minsk, The High Confessions)
David Levine (Mucca Pazza)

The album features the following dedication:
"Dedicated to David Tibet & Gordon Sharp,
True Friends,True Inspiration".

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