Wednesday, December 19, 2007


December update from Bluesanct Records:

"This is an update on the progress for the CINDYTALK 10".

The vinyl has been mastered direct to lacquer at Golden Mastering (who
were wonderful to work with), and it currently at the record plant. Test
pressings and labels are being made right now.

I hope to have the vinyl soon after New Years, keeping us on schedule for a hopeful FEB 08 release.

Once the vinyl is in hand, I will begin the process of arranging to have
them screenprinted locally by a friend of mine. As well as the process of
having the covers printed by a friend in Chicago.

Once I have quotes on both those portions, I will be able to figure out
the cost for the entire project, and come up with a price to sell them at.
At that point, I will email you all again with info on how to pre-order
the single.

It's going to be GORGEOUS! Wait until you see this thing... wow!

I would like to thank Gordon and the band for letting me release this
single. I hope to work with them again and again, and have dreamed of
such since I first heard 'In This World' in 1987.

Silver Shoals of Light.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Last Friday Nov 30,Cinder and Shrill did a "CINdYTALK" set at The Loaded Dog,Leytonstone.
It seems the experience was good enough to encourage future exploration of singing accompanied by laptop sounds...

Photos by Poison Creeper

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Colours and Flames

Sat. 29th of september. Night.
Cindytalk were caged as birds
but still flying.

The menagerie exploded with colours and flames.
Voice and bass and electronics and drums.
Cindy threw shapes like a strange ballet dancer
- ghostdance.

Oh and she wore a silver version of Dorothy's shoes
(Dorothy from Esmerald city of Oz that is).

Paul Middleton's bad good jokes (before and after gig)
were an absolute plus.
Fear quickly became
I was exhausted and definitely in heaven.

Cindytalk live at Behind Bars V
Dame Colet House,London
Sept 2007

Text by Fabrice
Photos by Poison Creeper,manipulated by spaewaif
Shoes photo by Magda

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


News from Bluesanct Records:
"CINDYTALK - Silver Shoals of Light art 10" (INRI084).
The third in our series of art vinyl, ltd to 500 copies w/ screenprinted vinyl and letter-pressed sleeve. Cindytalk are one of the utmost important artists in the experimental community, and since the early 80's have produced some of my favourite albums of all time.I am VERY excited to be issuing this brand new Cindytalk track..."

Their website catalogue news indicates this as well:
"CINDYTALK - Silver Shoals of Light 10" (INRI084)
A gorgeous 10" single, w/ screenprinted vinyl and letter-pressed sleeve".


Cinder at Buffalo Bar,August 2003
Photo by shrill

Thursday, September 13, 2007

'We haven't yet found the means to live without speaking.'

Scene from Jean-Luc Godard's "Vivre Sa Vie" containing the sample that was used in the track "My Sun" from "In This World".

in this world, if i have no love, i have nothing.
said no to a silent tongue, no in silence, could it be
there was a way of saying that i didn't know. and just
as i was leaving some voice shouted. just shouted:
be strong in death. a real voice in a quiet low tone.
still shouting. nothing more. just shouting . . .

"The meaning of language is an important issue in Godard's cinematic philosophy, as seen most directly in My Life to Live (1962), in the scene between Nana (Anna Karina) and the linguistic philosopher Brice Parain (playing himself) where they converse about language and the necessity of talking.
Sitting in a café, they discuss the nature of words and speaking. Nana prefers not to talk, longing for a life in silence without words. Because the more you talk, the less the words mean, she explains. Words should express exactly what you want to say. But they don't. They betray us, she argues. Parain understands Nana's longing for a wordless life in silence, but as a linguistic philosopher he does not agree with her.
According to Brice Parain, you cannot live without thinking. You have to think, and in order to think you have to speak. Thinking demands words, because you cannot think in any other way. Such is human life, concludes Parain in his lecture on our dependence on language as human beings.
And such is life for a filmmaker, one might add, with reference to Godard's numerous reflections on the essence of the cinematic language in his articles, films and interviews.
"Language is the house man lives in", as Juliette (Marina Vlady) says in "Two or Three Things I Know About Her".
About thirty years later, Godard repeats this linguistic reflection in JLG/JLG - Self-Portrait in December (1995) as the narrator of the polyphonic inner dialogue in his film:
"Where do you live? In language, and I cannot keep silent.
When I am talking I throw myself into an unknown order for which I then become responsible.I must become universal."
(Peder Groongard)

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Sweetness Loop...


Do you remember the little song that kept wafting out of the ether on your amp paul(y)? The one from "In This World" that kept cropping up in the middle of rehearsals in Ashwin Street?
That sound that kept coming out of the amp at rehearsals was the "sweetness loop",used at the beginning of "Touched" (In This World).
I'd found that whilst surfing radio waves back in 1983,during the "Camouflage Heart" sessions.We always thought it was a Portuguese radio signal.But that it should mysteriously re-appear to guide us through our rehearsals to play live more than a decade later was very beautiful indeed.If I recall it also followed us on our U.S. tour in 1996 as well... spooky....

"There's enough elegy in "Touched" to melt an invading army..."
(Melody Maker,1988)

(Artaud loop by Azriel)
(Crackle Series photo by Cinder)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Behind and Beyond


29 Sep 2007, 22:00
Ben Jonson Rd. Stepney Green, London, London and South East E1 3NH
Cost : £3-5
The next QueerBeograd festival
&Anarchists Against the Wall (AATW)

"Cindytalk will be playing their first full line-up gig in over 11 years,we
will be playing as part of the Behind Bars V event at Dame Colet House
in Stepney,east London on Saturday 29th of September.The band for
the night is one of the classic Cindytalk line-ups and alongside Cinder
will feature Paul Middleton on drums & Percussion,Paul Jones on guitar,
Andrea Brown on Bass & Sherrill Crosby on Electronics.The set will also
include a laptop live "dubstep" set by Mark Stephenson as The Mook.
Also playing that night will be Devotchka's Conundrum,HRTK & others."

Thursday, August 30, 2007

"And now it's playtime"

(CINdY 1985, Abstract Magazine)

I'm with you tonight without mask or clothes
I'm in your hands like a leper I crawl and hide burnt by the sunlight and chased by the cold.
We're in some strangely-lit room no signs of decay until twilight falls over us to show us our way
beyond the comfort of loneliness we follow our footsteps dancing dancing...
I'm lying naked on the floor with my hands held up high
Something is forcing down upon me scarring my body gashing..
A piano plays quietly lullaby-like in the background
Won't you fuck me with your sin
A child rushes into the room,crying... but takes no notice of me lying naked on the floor
She walks over to the window and throws some bread to the birds by the wall
She stands by the window for a while just watching the birds then runs back through the room laughing...
And now it's playtime and some pathway through a laugh and a jolt and a laugh
Your train-stations are my radio-waves
In no mans' land
Some kind of romance
Some kind of romance...

(CINdY 1982)

From ABSTRACT Magazine Issue 5

"Playtime" was especially recorded for this project,it wouldn't exist otherwise.
We wanted to do something short and suggestive rather than structured and clear.
It was a step beyond "Camouflage Heart",though an uneasy,tentative and only partially succesful step".

For the recording of "Playtime",Cindytalk was:
Gordon Sharp: Voice and percussion
Debbie Wright: Voice and instruments
Alex Wright: Instruments
John Byrne: Instruments

Recorded at Alaska Studios,London

(Added to the player)

More on the Wrights and Cindytalk

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Powers of Ten (1977)

A while ago,I came across this information:

"Btw, I had a duo with Gordon during that period, dubbed 'Pills for Ills' for the Wexner and Cleveland Cinematheque live performances of new film scores we had composed (to accompany two of Charles and Ray Eames' great films, 'Powers of Ten' and 'Tops') as part of the avant garage music/film series, for a couple consecutive years of its run"...
So I asked Phillip, for more...

"I met Gordon in the late '90s shortly after he moved to Columbus, Ohio where I have lived since 1990.
At the time, I was working in an 'art house' video rental store that was called Aardvark Video and he became a customer there. We soon became friends and shortly began to collaborate on the music/film scores.
I was then, and still remain, enamored of the Charles and Ray Eames films- some of which I saw as a child in my early school days- and I had recently rediscovered them after reading a book by Paul Schrader ('Schrader on Schrader') in which he devoted a section to them.
I had begun making music for short films a few years earlier, mainly by participating in an annual series called the Avant Garage Music and Film festival, which my friend Tim Lanza organized and ran for about 8 or 9 consecutive years.
The general concept of the series was to have several artists or groups compose new scores to accompany existing (often silent) short films, and to perform these live with the film screenings in a public venue for an audience.
I suggested to Gordon that we should attempt to re-score the Eames' films 'Powers of Ten' or "Tops",depending on his reaction to seeing them for the first time. We first watched 'Powers of Ten' and he responded immediately to it, even DJing along with it on this first viewing, if I remember things correctly.
He happened to have had some records already selected that- by sheer coincidence- seemed to work perfectly for the film, and we decided immediately that we would perform a new score based on this for the series. Gordon would perform with two turntables and I would be adding electric static and guitar noises. This was performed at the Wexner Center for the Arts and was well received.
We enjoyed the experience ourselves and decided to do another score for the Eames' film "Tops" the following year for the next installment of the series. Gordon was to be away during the dates of the actual performances, so he contributed to the score with a recording of a piano piece he had improvised some time earlier.
This piece also happened to accidentally work perfectly for a major section of the film and I found it easy to incorporate this into what was otherwise a drum and melodica-based score.
I performed it alone on melodica along with the recorded piano and drum pieces for the film screenings which occurred in Columbus and Cleveland, at the Wexner Center and the Cleveland Cinemateque, respectively.
The name 'Pills for Ills' was a purely ridiculous one I had chosen to use for this second collaboration of ours, partly because I believed I would have to present it myself in Gordon's absence and didn't want the ads to specifically list (or NOT list) him by name as appearing."

Between 1950 and 1982, Charles and Ray Eames made over 100 short films ranging from 1 to 30 minutes in length.
They also made slide shows and multiscreen presentations.
From 1953 is this visually stunning production,

A Communications Primer


Related article in Senses of Cinema

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Up Here in the Clouds

From Isolation Recordings website:

"For its first CD release of the year,
Isolation is delighted to announce that this will be
Up Here In The Clouds by Cindytalk.
Up Here In The Clouds is a laptop set by Cindytalk,
who for the past 25 years have been beguiling
and challenging listeners with their beautiful,
uncompromising sound.
The album will be released in a limited edition of 500."

Monday, August 13, 2007


The two bottles found in some Cindytalk-related images come from Smile Magazine,produced by Stewart Home in 1985.
About his graphics,he has said:
" graphics are usually simple. A prime example of this is a photograph of a packet of tea with the word 'FREEDOM' underneath. These two elements set up a simple but effective dialectical opposition between the slogan 'FREEDOM' and the historical reality of the production of tea being based on slavery.
So while there isn't necessarily much visual delectation to be taken from the graphic and it only requires the viewer to look at it for a few minutes, for anyone intelligent enough to understand how the racket we call society is organized, this combo could potentially spark off hours of thought on the inequities of commodity production and the bourgeois world."

Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Haud yer WHEESHT!"

In January 2007 Cindytalk signed a licensing deal with Italian distributors Abraxas.
A sub-label,Wheesht, will shortly be re-issuing their entire back catalogue,re-mastered and re-packaged.
Wheesht will be "run" by Gordon Sharp and longtime friend Maurizio Fasolo of Italian band Pankow.

Sharps' own label touchedRAW is in the process of releasing three albums:
* Cindytalk - "The Crackle Of My Soul"
* Matt Kinnison - "Evenings Of Ordinary Sand"
* Ship On Fire - "Bits And Bobby August"
London independent label Isolation will release another Cindytalk album, "Up Here In The Clouds" (2007).

Saturday, July 21, 2007

No more heroes

"No more heroes"
A Complete History of UK Punk from 1976 to 1980.
Written by Alex Ogg.
Published by Cherry Red Books in 2006.

Monday, April 30, 2007


"MacBeth the real person was a very benevolent and kind king. During his reign (1040-1057) Scotland didn't have any expansionist ideas. He was concerned with what happened within the country. It's interesting how a very clever playwright can come along and destroy your reputation entirely for possibly propagandist reasons. At the time the play was written it was important for the English to believe that Scots kings were bad people -- heathens and primitives.

It was a good way of darkening the soul of a powerful character from Scottish history."I looked into it and I got really pissed off that that had happened. I like the darkness of the name MacBeth but, knowing the historical truth, I thought that I'd like to use the name for both purposes. It has a power, but also in the context of dissemination of information -- if I can sort of lighten the name of the true MacBeth then I'd be quite chuffed about that."

Snippet from soon-to-be-published Cindytalk interview for French Magazine "Trinity":

"MacBeth was in many ways destined to become a one-off project.In truth,the track "Help Me Lift You Up" was intended to be a Cindytalk track (for the CD compilation Volume 5) but I never felt happy with it.The line-up on the track was all wrong.Robin Guthrie and myself managed to cancel each other out,leaving only Nadia Lanman's cello as a bright spot.I decided not to use the name Cindytalk as the whole process lacked the energy or creative spark that was always present in our recordings.It just felt wrong.In doing so,I had a brief flirtation with the idea of more songs of that nature but time just moved on so quickly and left that idea in it's wake.It's always possible that I will return to the idea of recording some acoustic based songs in the future but I doubt if I will resurrect the name MacBeth".

MacBeth was a Cindytalk side-project established to explore covers of songs or traditional Scottish songs."Help me lift you up" is a Mary Margaret O'Hara cover that appeared in 1992 for the CD+book magazine Volume,number 5.

Volume 5 MacBeth photo by Simon Bower
Pinky Cindy photo by Nicole Huber

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rare Hearsay

Cocteau Twins live recording
The Venue,Victoria London
November 16th 1982

Gordon Sharp sings in the first track,"Hearsay Please"
(added to the player) and the last one,an encore,
"It's All But An Ark Lark".

Recorded by CB and mastered by Josef Karol.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Not In Colour

"It's October, so it's raining. Only 50 yards walk fast, faster, trotting, running jumping, made it. The train ticket wasn't an option and the barrier's only 4 feet high. Money for drink now and that drink will be in Chamber Street tax dodgers union where The Freeze will play an encore longer than a set - it's always the way.

I'm on the guest list because I've got a car, shit I've got a car, why did I catch the train! I meet Billy and go to the pub first, Ramones on the jukebox, "Go Mental", so we do. One hour to Freeze time, a slow walk, more pubs on the way. Two pubs from Chamber Street Billy remembers he's late getting home, should've been back in June. Truth is he won't go to the Freeze because he auditioned on keyboards and Gordon said he was bottom of the list, he was the entire list so an optimist might say top, he's still waiting for the call.

In Chamber Street I see Gordon, he's sitting in the corner, a finer display of undisguised indifference to the students who talk at him, I have never seen. He's obviously writing in his head. The sounds he writes may be for tonight or may be 20 years time, his concentration span is rather longer than that of most.
I decide to talk at him too. "What's Paranoia about?" "Can't say, figure it out." He never would explain that song to me but I know he's told everyone else, why, why them and not me, what's going on, am I the only one he won't tell? I'll work it out later, he will sing it at least twice, because he has to, if he doesn't the audience will rip him to shreds, so they all know.

The set will include BG123, I know that's a lift, Her Eyes, I don't know who she is, For JPS, Jean Paul Satre, Celebration, Louise Brooks and of course PsycoDalek Nightmares, doomsday.
The encore will cover the rest of an expanding repetoire. Fifteen minutes to go, the band disappear into the bogs to change. Bandages to be applied for a three minute opener during which bandages will be unravelled to reveal Gordon's face. The opening number is always the same and sets the tone, if I could remember the name of it I would share it, but I can't, if I could remember the words, I would share them, but I can't. I know the tempo, slow to fast put very before both. I know the chant it ends with, so I will share it, "you're gonna die, die die, die die, die, die, you're gonna die, you're gonna die. I know who died but that's private and tragic and still hurts us all.

The gig is over, time to break the news to Gordon that I forgot I have a car and we're going home by train. If we had the car he would sit in silence for the entire 30 minute drive back to Linlithgow, then I would stop at his house and he would talk for 2 hours. Last week he mentioned something called CindyTalk. CindyTalk would be his next venture. Named after Sindy the kiddies doll, you pull a chord in her neck and she would speak a randomly chosen inane, incomprehensible phrase, could you base a band on that, I didn't think so!"

Text by Andy Hutchinson,aka Plastic Orcadian

Thursday, March 29, 2007


A: When did you start playing live again, in your new formation?

G: We began to rehearse with the purpose of playing live in the beginning of 1993. We played our first gig, under the name Lucinder, in December 1993. And we played 6 gigs under that name from December until March of 1994. We kept it quiet, and then at the end of that period, the last two gigs, we invited some people, to get some feedback. We were getting a good reaction, so we played our first show as Cindytalk, on the 16th of March, 1994. And we chose a smallish venue and tried to tell as many people as we could, expecting not to be many people there, we'd been at the venue before and it was practically empty, so we weren't expecting too much. I hid in the dressing room for two or three minutes until it was time to go on stage and I came out of the dressing room and I practically couldn't get through the crowd, it was so packed. I was shocked. The atmosphere was electric. I could just feel it. I had been waiting 12 years for that moment, for Cindytalk to play live. Something in me had lost hope about it, didn't think it would happen. And so walking out, through the crowd that night, I know from my own point of view, I had been waiting 12 years, but I didn't expect to feel like a sizable portion of the crowd had been waiting that long too. It was just an electric atmosphere. It was incredible. It really affected a lot of people. It was really really special. I don't even know if I enjoyed it that much, because it was tense and so scary. But I know it was an important experience. I know it was really good. I wouldn't have liked to see it on video, or listen to it on tape, ever. It couldn't match the atmosphere I actually felt as it happened. Very special.

Tear Down The Sky Volume 12, 1995

Cindytalk Live Seattle Feb 28th 1996
By This River (Eno cover)

Photos by Steve Gullick

Friday, March 23, 2007

"... as the sun through a lens..."

Photo and texts from the Midnight Music official press release for
"Secrets and Falling". (Click on the texts to read them and enjoy
"Song of Changes" in the player).

"In 1991, SECRETS AND FALLING saw daylight, an EP containing four titles that opened the doors to a new CINDYTALK. This album is a renaissance: the voice returns more troubled and present than ever, while the instrumentation of guitar-bass-drums impose themselves anew in the breast of the atmospheric sounds. A life brilliant, furious, heated, and bruised pours out; on In Sunshine, a trumpet corroborates the shivering joy while enfolding the melody beneath a hood of nostalgia. Empty Hand's descent into Hell tightens the atmosphere, curving one's spine to the lyrical flights of Gordon Sharp's voice -- pain culminating in unison with supreme pleasure."
"CINDYTALK", Trinity No. 2 (Winter), 1998
Stanislas Chapel,translated by Sandra

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Follow Sun Ra







After The Flood 2, review

Gordon Sharp - voice
Richard Young - bass,electronics
Dale Lloyd - drums,percussion,electronics

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Splinter and Move

Splinter and Move",a "Camouflage Heart"-era track can be found in the Midnight Music compilation"Between Today and Tomorrow".

On February 01, 2006 6:04 PM
if in doubt turn up the gain, said...

"Splinter and Move" was mainly a John Byrne/Gordon Sharp track,with David Clancy adding (great but) minimal guitar to it.
It was recorded live in David's bedroom at Priory Road,Crouch End in early 1984 and if it wasn't for the shrieks of feedback from the microphone,it would have been included on "Camouflage Heart" for sure.It was thankfully rescued by the aforementioned midnight compilation.There was an interesting experimental noise track from late 1983 called "Kiss the Wiseman",written and performed live by Gordon Sharp,David Clancy and Matt Kinnison (16 at the time) but the tape of that has been lost to "storage & travelling..."

Cindytalk circa 1984.Photo by Cliff Ash who also photographed the "Camouflage Heart" session.
From left to right: Gordon Sharp,John Byrne & David Clancy.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Vocal Counterpoint

Gordon Sharp singing with fellow Scots Cocteau Twins
at The Odeon, Hammersmith,
spring of 1983 opening for OMD
(Photography by Mick Mercer)
On the Peel Session recordings of "Hazel" and "Dear Heart,"
Liz has her only vocal accompaniment ever on a Cocteau Twins record
with Gordon Sharp of Cindytalk (along with extra lyrics not featured on the original recording).
"We did our second Peel session recently",enthuses Liz."We're really pleased with it and the new songs came up better than they do on the EP- I shouldn't really say that,should I ? " she chuckles,"but Gordon Sharp,
a friend of ours who used to be in The Freeez (sic) came along and added some vocals,and it came up pretty well".
(Melody Maker March 19,1983)
"THAT John Peel session-a fabulously exquisite tapestry of supreme,breathtaking power..."
(Sounds May 21,1983)
"The original version of Hazel rocks as few other Cocteau tracks do, but the stunning BBC Sessions version manages to surpass it, mostly due to the great vocal contributions by Gordon Sharp, vocalist with Cindytalk.It would seem virtually impossible to compete with Liz on the vocal level, and to his credit Gordon Sharp doesn't try to emulate Liz' parts. Instead he delivers some straightforward but extremely effective background vocals, mostly consisting of the single line "to the outside.... "
The band apparently chose to gradually shift the emphasis between the two vocalists, which works wonderfully well.In the first parts Liz is singing on her own, but Gordon gradually increases his contributions.
Midway through the two have a mesmerizing vocal exchange, and in the final parts Gordon gives a fabulous demonstration of how to end a song with some desolate vocals.The result of all these vocal fireworks is an incredible version of an already great track".
(Eric Roosendal)
"Hazel" hammers the dance floor at reportedly two-hundred-seventy beats per minute (quite fast for that time...very few drum machines could do that) and sounds less dramatic than the BBC version, the nagging guitar sounding more minimal and less important, and Gordon Sharp's (Cindytalk) countering vocal entirely not there. I imagine this sounds great before listening to the BBC version, but once you have heard that, then one cannot think the same again about the studio version of "Hazel" since it feels suddenly lacking.
(Comment by property_two in

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Your train-stations are my radio waves..."

touchedRADIO channel list is as follows :

tR 1 : touchedRAWKISSEDsour,a cindytalk compilation (1982-1994).

t/list : muster.cherish.everybody is christ.memories of skin and of a sun.the beginning of wisdom.angels or ghosts.a song of changes.prince of sunshine.wheesht.still whisper.

tR 2 : FieryPlanetEyes,the dj mix of the "lost" cindytalk album (1996-2001).

t/list: vertical invasion.stars collide.architect/ devastation of the heart.this is who we are.rhizome.could that dream be last request.
gabber-isolate.can i be your sister.a flame that flies.rhizome.sada is the aim.dead flower or living.

tR 3 : The Freeze Live (1980/1981).

t/list : intro.angel code.building on holes.from the bizarre.
a tower in the distance.this is no surprise.quietly burning.location.
lullaby in black.sunday.

tR 4 : After The Fireflies,a cindytalk dj mix.various artists (2005/2006).

t/list includes : field recording.gagaku (ancient japanese court music).cindytalk.autechre.edward artemyev.somatic responses(renegade hybrid rmx).fenno'berg.asmus tietchens.pita.
plastikman.oval.wasteland(renegade hybrid rmx).public image ltd.cindytalk.ryoji ikeda. main.if then do.ryoji ikeda.japanese folk voices.cindytalk.otomo yoshihide.
wasteland vs aphex twin (renegade hybrid).einsturzende neubauten.cindytalk. ryoji ikeda.robert wyatt.

tR 5 : Up Here In The Clouds,a collection of recent cindytalk sketches/ideas (2003/2006).

t/list : surrounded by sky.shibuku.a distant kite.splendid china miniature scenic spot.i walk until i fall.transgender warrior (mistmix).multiple landings.switched to lunar.the anarchist symphony no.3.

tR 6 : Dj Fatal grime/dubstep mix from 2003 on deja vu fm,london pirate radio.

(Unfortunately,touchedradio is NO LONGER available.
We are currently working on other audio options).

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Live at the ICA ( London),04.05.94

Photography by Steve Gullick

Cindytalk are currently working on a new (band) album provisionally entitled "In A World Without Hope".
The current line-up, also in rehearsal for future live shows
in and around Europe is :
Cinder - voice and electronics ; Matt Kinnison - bass ;
Andie Brown - bass ; Paul Middleton - drums & percussion ;
Shrill - electronics.

Ambi-dustrial Noise & Hushed Assaults

Back in 1994,a flyer said:


 for a night of ambi-dustrial noise exploration

 with maybe just a squirt of ACIDTECHNO

 happening at 121 railton road brixton SE24

 on friday the 21st of october 1994 at 9.00pm until late"

And here is the text from another flyer advertising a Cindytalk gig in London in 1995:

| " Lizard magazine presents
| in the first of the hushed assaults of 1995
| plus b a r b e d and s p a c e h e a d s
| good friday april 14th
| kennedy hall irish centre murray st
| off camden rd just past camden sq
| camden london nw1"

"Hushed" photos by Steve Gullick.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Silver shoals of light"

New Cindytalk track added to the player.
Been meaning to ask...
The new album will be called "In A World Without Hope" but
what is "Unhinged 200ATCAKE Howl"?